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Overcoming Monarch Mind Control : Feedback from Therapists & Survivors - Revised Edition

Overcoming Monarch Mind Control : Feedback from Therapists & Survivors - Revised Edition

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This book is for everyone who wants to be free and to help free others. Monarch Mind control techniques of various kinds have been imposed on the entire world society by the NWO. This Revised Edition contains more information on the nature of this Monarch mind control system and the political movement that has arisen to challenge it. This is the revised edition of a book by the same title. It's nearly twice as long as the original and contains new information.For more information about my books see I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM NOT A THERAPIST AND THAT I AM NOT GIVING ADVICE ON THERAPY IN THIS BOOK. This book is informational, and the information in it may be useful to therapists and to those persons recovering from Monarch Mind Control. But you the reader are solely responsible for what you do with this information. In 2014, I wrote and published a book called Mental Liberation in the Age of Thought Control. In it I described techniques used by Therapists to deprogram and heal MK Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse. Monarch Mind Control is the name of a system of mind control that evolved out of Satanic Ritual Abuse and the MK Ultra research program. As a result of my Mental Liberation book's publication, some therapists and survivors of Monarch Mind Control then contacted me and gave me feedback. Some had found my books useful. And some therapists explained to me their own techniques for helping the victims of Monarch Mind Control. Because of the hostile and covert nature of those organizations which practice Monarch Mind Control, the therapists who help recovering persons need to remain anonymous. So I was asked to take their feedback and publish it in one of my books so that they could remain anonymous. This book here on Overcoming Monarch Mind Control may not give you enough information in itself to conduct therapy. But it will give you unique information which you cannot find anywhere else. And if you are interested in how to recover from Monarch Mind Control or how to help others to recover, this book contains useful information. From it you can get a clearer idea of how Monarch Mind Control works and how a therapy system can be developed to help the victims of Monarch Mind Control. This book also briefly tells the story of some persons who have recovered from Monarch Mind Control. I have priced this book so that, if you include my expense in advertising, I don't really make any money from this book. I am publishing it because this information really needs to be put out into the public awareness at this time. Monarch Mind Control has been used on countless thousands of victims, most of who do not even know that they have been the victims of this mind control system. However, some persons have figured out that they have been victimized by this mind control technique, and such persons sometimes seek help from therapists. Many legitimate therapists are struggling to understand how they can help to treat such persons. Because the government and the mass media presently suppress all public knowledge of this phenomena, treating Monarch Mind Control is not taught to psychologists in Universities. So this book is designed to try to fill in the information gap. If you combine the information in this book with a knowledge of publicly known techniques for therapy, then an effective system of therapy for Monarch Mind Control will emerge. Also a victim of Monarch Mind Control may be able to read this book and get some idea of how to find a helpful therapist. Some persons who have a political interest in the nature of Monarch Mind Control may also find this book of interest. As Monarch Mind Control is so widespread, and because it has influenced the political events of our time in such a profound way, this book is a book that anyone should find of interest. I have limited resources to promote this book. So if you do purchase this book and find it useful, please do what you can to tell others about it. Thank You.


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