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Édition en Anglais de Kerth Barker (Auteur)

Deconstructing the Illuminati : What The Illuminati Really Is & How To Defeat It

Deconstructing the Illuminati : What The Illuminati Really Is & How To Defeat It

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This small book of POLITICAL TACTICS is not for everyone. LEADERS & RESEARCHERS who are aware that the Illuminati system is real, and who are concerned with its deconstruction, will find this book uniquely useful and interesting. THIS IS THE PUBLIC DECLARATION OF A PLAN FOR DEFEATING THE ILLUMINATI, MADE BY A UNIQUE GROUP OF CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS. The way it came about is this. I was a long time friend of a man known as James, who was a Christian Nationalist. He was the leader of a group of anonymous Christian Nationalists effectively working to undermine the Illuminati system. After he died, a woman named Deborah became the group's new leader. Her group is made up of Christian Nationalists who work non-violently and within the law, but who have the kind of intensity and organizing structure that you might expect in a military group. For survival purposes, they need to remain anonymous and to act covertly. Deborah encouraged me to write this book, based mostly on her ideas, as a way of unifying their group and increasing public awareness of the need to create a plan for putting an end to the Illuminati before it destroys humanity and the Earth. This book is really just my paraphrasing her ideas and forming them into a readable book-form. She wanted a kind of manifesto for Christian Nationalism. Deborah was happy with how the book turned out except that she thought it could have contained more research details. After reading the published version of this book, she sent a note to me to this effect. I published that note (which was intended as an endorsement of my work to her followers) at the beginning of my book RV-UFO-NWO. Most people who read this book, Deconstructing the Illuminati, have done their own extensive research anyway. This one-of-a-kind book reveals the genius of Deborah, as well as the advanced ideas of some of the other Christian Nationalists that she's been working with. This is a short guidebook that reveals the attitude of the most committed and radical of the Christian Nationalists. But in spite of its size, the book effectively reflects their hopes, beliefs and tactics. People should have hope that the Illuminati can be defeated. In the end it will be God's followers who prevail. Every war is won or lost before the first soldier sets foot on the first field of battle. Although it may not seem so now, the Illuminati has already been defeated in the mind of God Almighty.


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